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Parent's Guide to Consulting with Schools

CTY works closely with schools, and it is our desire that all students receive the appropriate credit or placement for coursework completed through our program. However, CTY is not a credit-granting institution; only your school can grant placement or credit, and this may take some negotiation. Before beginning a course, you should discuss credit and/or placement issues with a school administrator. You may also want to discuss the possibility of substituting an appropriate CTY Online Programs course for the student’s current class at school.

The school may want to review curricula or discuss course content. Visit the appropriate course page via the CTY Online Programs course catalog to review course descriptions.

 Steps for Parents Enrolling a Child

1. Communicate with school about the online enrollment.

2. Enroll Student.

3. Communicate with the CTY instructor that the student is seeking credit or placement at the school.

4. After successful completion of a course, order an Official Academic Record to be sent to school.

Meet with the school official

Identify a school official who can help and who understands the needs of academically talented students. In the elementary or middle school, this may be the person who distributes information about our Talent Search. In the high school, this may be a guidance counselor, coordinator of Gifted and Talented programs, or the principal. If your child is in middle school or junior high school, you may need to talk to high school personnel if you are interested in receiving credit.

Understand your child's educational options

Be familiar with the courses that are available to your child at the local middle or junior high school and high school and when those courses would normally be taken. Ask your school what options are available for your child. Discuss the possibility of substituting an appropriate CTY Online Programs course for the child's current class at school. This might mean, for example, that the child would work on a CTY Online Programs math course at school instead of attending the scheduled math class. Alternatively, the student might remain in the regularly scheduled math class at school and work on the CTY Online Programs math course at home.

Be knowledgeable about the CTY Online Programs course you have chosen

Assure the school that CTY Online Programs courses are rigorous. Visit the appropriate course page via the CTY Online Programs course catalog to print out the course description and detailed course information for the course your child will be taking.

Students enrolled in CTY Online Programs courses are assigned to an expert instructor with both subject matter expertise and understanding of the needs of gifted students. To read sample biographies, please visit the CTY Online Programs instructor directory.

Gather data about your child's academic strengths

Keep a portfolio of your student’s work. Submit the student’s portfolio for review every quarter or semester. All students receive course completion documents after successfully completing coursework through our program and these should be included in your child’s portfolio. Parents and students have found these documents very useful in negotiating with schools for credit and placement.

Schools may wish to know that students are admitted to CTY programs based on their SCAT, STB, ACT, PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10, or SAT-I results, which testify to a student's exceptional ability. For example, a 7th grade SAT-I score that qualifies a child for CTY Online Programs is at least equal to the score of an average college-bound high school senior.

Tips for Consulting with Schools

  • Let your school officials know that you can request a grade for CTY Online Programs course work. Grades can be issued, upon parent’s request, for course work completed. Please note: a consent form is required to release academic records will need to be on file for CTY to release grades to schools.
  • Some schools may require the student to take a final exam after completing a CTY Online Programs course to confirm mastery of content. If this is the case, the student should take the examination as soon as possible after completing the CTY Online Programs course.
  • Be sensitive to the circumstances at hand. Avoid words that trigger defensiveness such as “My child is bored in your class.” Refrain from accusing or complaining that your child’s academic program is insufficient. Get involved at a different level where programming and policy decisions are made. Be sensitive to the limitation of the classroom teacher and offer to help with materials, ideas, time, resources, or mentorship. Focus on solutions through shared responsibility.

After the Successful Completion of a CTY Online Programs Course

When your child successfully completes a course through CTY, phone the school to reconfirm the date of any placement examination that may be required. Remind the school to arrange your child's schedule before the new school year starts. When documentation of your child's successful course completion arrives, make copies of the course completion documents for school officials and keep a copy for yourself. Don't forget to acknowledge the efforts of the school officials who have assisted you. Working together with your school, you can help your own child, and at the same time, pave the way for other highly able students.

Parents or guardians may request a CTY Official Academic Record through MyCTY. This document, which lists a student’s complete participation with CTY, can be sent to the student’s home, school, or college address for a nominal fee.