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Work with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth

Public, private, independent, and charter schools work with Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth's (CTY) Online Programs to expand opportunities for their academically gifted students by bringing CTY's challenging distance education courses to the school setting. This collaboration allows gifted students to take advanced courses in subjects such as math, science, writing, grammar, critical reading, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish languages, and computer science. Online Programs students also may take advanced placement courses that may not be offered in the student's school.

Schools rely on CTY's exceptionally high standards for rigorous courses, teaching excellence, and student performance. In addition, the program offers special benefits to both schools and students:

Benefits to Schools

  • Supports curriculum differentiation
  • Cost-effective
  • Assists school teaching staff in meeting the needs of all students

Benefits to Students

  • Meaningful instructor feedback on completed work – not just "A+ Great Job!"
  • Provides challenging courses
  • Avoids schedule disruptions
  • Reduces grade skipping
  • Allows students to progress at their own pace

Online Programs students often work on their courses during the school day, using the computer lab or media center, communicating with their Online Programs instructors via email, interactive virtual classrooms, or by phone. Many challenging Online Programs courses are used to replace the school's regular course; other courses are offered for enrichment. Review the Catalog.

 CTY School Onboarding Steps

1: Review the school webinars and/or presentations (webinars open in AdobeConnect):

Overview and benefits: Webinar | PDF
How to enroll: Webinar | PDF
What to expect: Webinar | PDF
How to begin: Webinar | PDF

2: Complete a school profile form.
3: Communicate with school program manager.
4: Complete CTY Online Program Participation Agreement - School Program manager will provide.

 Course Enrollment Steps

  To be completed after a program participation agreement has been fully executed:

Get Started!

All schools that sponsor student enrollments will be required to complete a School Profile Form, speak with the CTY Online School Program Manager, and complete a Program Participation Agreement. The School Profile Form can be downloaded and returned or can be completed by the CTY Online School Program Manager while on a call. Calls are preferred as they will allow both the school and the Program Manager the ability to elaborate on any questions that arise.

Contact the CTY Online School Program Manager in order to start or continue a school relationship.
Phone: 410-735-6246