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Online Courses for Young Readers

CTY has been working with academically advanced students around the world since 1979. CTY offers online programs, summer residential and commuter courses, family academic programs, and more, all designed to nurture bright young students and help them achieve their academic potential.

Students who learned to read well ahead of their agemates should not be held back. The CTY Online Programs Young Readers' program for academically advanced readers in grades 2-5 is designed especially for these children. Eligible students join a lively virtual community led by CTY instructors, many of whom are published authors. Students read and critically analyze age-appropriate books well above their grade level, and participate in spirited online discussions with peers from around the world.

How To Apply

Step 1. Become eligible by registering for the CTY Talent Search for grades 2-6. CTY will send you all the materials you need to schedule the student to take a test at a nearby testing center. Students who achieve qualifying scores in the verbal section are eligible for CTY Online Programs Young Readers' courses.

Step 2. Choose a Young Readers' critical reading course with a theme that interests your child and that matches his or her level.

Step 3. Apply online by the language arts application deadline. Young Readers' courses are held during fall, early spring, mid-spring, and two summer sessions. If you are interested in your child taking a course during the summer, learn about the two different summer sessions to choose the one that best fits your child's schedule. Contact if you registered for the Talent Search, but are unable to test in time and would like to apply for provisional admission.