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Accelerated Online Math Courses for Elementary Students

CTY has been working with academically highly able students around the world since 1979.  CTY offers online programs, summer residential and commuter courses, family academic programs, and more, all designed to nurture gifted young students and help them achieve their academic potential.

Gifted elementary students should be able to learn as fast as their abilities allow. CTY Online Programs's individually paced mathematics program, led by CTY instructors and tailored especially for gifted students, helps them do just that.

Visit the links to the right to learn more about CTY Online Programs and distance education. Contact if you have questions or would like to discuss your child's situation.

How To Apply

Step 1. Register for the CTY Talent Search (Grades 2-6), and arrange to take a test to assess verbal and math ability at a nearby testing center. CTY will send all the information you need. Students who achieve qualifying scores in math are eligible to enroll in CTY math, science, foreign languages, and computer science and technology courses.  For grades K-1, special testing is accepted.

Step 2. Once qualified, your student may learn which CTY Online Programs math course is most appropriate by taking the free CTY's online math placement test. Some science and computer science and technology courses have prerequisites.

Step 3. Register online for an individually paced online math, science, or computer science and technology course and start in about two weeks. Your child will be assigned a CTY instructor who provides guidance and encouragement as he or she progresses through the course, gaining mastery and confidence, learning at a pace that is commensurate with ability.