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Placement Tests

Placement testing is a free service provided by CTY Online Programs to assure the most appropriate placement into online math, computer science, science, or world language courses, or for certain CTY Summer Programs courses such as the CTY Physics course in Hong Kong. Only students with qualifying math scores should register for any math, science, or most computer science placement tests. Students enrolling in Web Design or JavaScript (which are open to both math or verbal qualifiers) may register in order to complete the appropriate computer science placement test.

To register a student for an online math, computer science, or science placement test, a parent or guardian must fill out the request form and agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Once CTY receives the request, the parent or guardian will receive an email with instructions for accessing the placement test service. 

Immediate feedback from online placement testing provides guidance about the most appropriate math, science, and computer science course(s). If the test is for determining eligibility for CTY's Physics course in Hong Kong, the student will be notified of eligibility within one week of taking the test.

World language placement tests are also available upon request to to help determine the appropriate placement for a CTY Online Programs Arabic, Chinese, or Spanish language course.

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