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Honors Grade 4 Mathematics

Prerequisites: Qualifying math score and successful completion of Grade 3 Mathematics or equivalent

Course Format: Individually Paced

Course Length: Typically 6 months

Recommended School Credit: One academic year

Course Code: HG4

Course Description


The Honors Grade 4 Mathematics sequence covers concepts typically offered in one full year in an honors mathematics curriculum and is aligned with the Common Core State Standards. This course begins with a review of grade 3 concepts and covers a full-year honors curriculum to prepare students for Grade 5 Mathematics. Lessons are provided through interactive videos, online interactives, graded assessments and projects. Students develop mathematical reasoning, learn critical thinking skills, and acquire problem solving techniques to investigate and explore Grade 4 mathematics.

Topics include:

  • whole numbers operations
  • algebraic thinking and basic number theory
  • decimals
  • fraction concepts
  • fraction operations
  • ratios
  • integers
  • measurement
  • data and statistics
  • geometry
  • sets and sequences

For a detailed list of topics, click the List of Topics tab.

Materials Needed

There are no required materials for this course.

List of Topics

Whole Number Operations

  • Multiplying Whole Numbers
  • Dividing Whole Numbers
  • Exponents
  • Simplifying Expressions
  • Properties of Whole Numbers

Algebraic Thinking and Basic Number Theory

  • Translating Expressions
  • Rules of Divisibility
  • Factors and Multiples
  • Prime and Composite Numbers and Prime Factorization
  • Greatest Common Factor (GCF) and Least Common Multiple (LCM)


  • Comparing and Ordering Decimals
  • Adding and Subtracting Decimals
  • Multiplying Decimals
  • Dividing Decimals
  • Scientific Notation

Fraction Concepts

  • Equivalent Fractions and Simplifying Fractions
  • Comparing and Ordering Fractions
  • Converting Between Fractions and Decimals
  • Percents

Fraction Operations

  • Adding and Subtracting Fractions
  • Adding and Subtracting Mixed Numbers
  • Multiplying Fractions and Mixed Numbers
  • Dividing Fractions and Mixed Numbers


  • Finding Ratios
  • Equivalent Ratios
  • Ratios and Rates

Measurement and Integers

  • Customary Units of Measure
  • Metric Units of Measure
  • Introduction to Integers
  • Elapsed Time

Data and Statistics

  • Coordinate Plane
  • Bar Graphs, Line Graphs and Histograms
  • Mean, Median, Mode, Range


  • Lines and Angles
  • Properties of Polygons
  • Perimeter and Area of Parallelograms and Triangles
  • Properties of Three Dimensional Figures
  • Volume

Sets and Sequences

  • Set Notation
  • Operations with Sets
  • Sequences
  • Roman Numerals

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Elementary Mathematics Help Room

Help Room

Each week, all students are invited to an open Elementary Math Help Room run by a rotating staff of instructors. Students are encouraged to come with questions or just to meet other online students. Topics reviewed vary each week.

The Elementary Math Help Room meets each Tuesday from 7 – 8 p.m. ET.

Sample Video

Sample Video

Please use Chrome or Safari to view the video below:

Honors Grade 4 Math Sample Video

Technical Requirements

This course requires a properly maintained computer with high-speed internet access and an up-to-date web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox). The student must be able to communicate with the instructor via email. Visit the Technical Requirements and Support page for more details.

This course uses an online virtual classroom for discussions with the instructor. The classroom works on standard computers with the Adobe Connect Add-in or Adobe Flash plugin, and also tablets or handhelds that support the Adobe Connect Mobile appStudents who are unable to attend live sessions will need a computer with the Adobe Connect Add-in or Adobe Flash plugin installed to watch recorded meetings. The Adobe Connect Add-in, Adobe Flash plugin, and Adobe Connect Mobile app are available for free download. Students who do not have the Flash plug-in installed or enabled on their browsers will be prompted to download and install the Adobe Connect add-in when accessing the virtual classroom.