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Chess Club

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Note: Enrollment in this club is limited. Registration will close once the maximum club size is reached.

Open to: Students in grades 4 and up

Eligibility: CTY-level or Advanced CTY-level math or verbal score required

Prerequisites: Basic chess knowledge of pieces and their movements is required.

Challenge Level: Elementary to High School

Club Format: Session Based. See calendar for session dates and application deadlines.

Club Length: 12 weeks

Club Code: CLCH

Club Description


Welcome to the club! CTY’s Chess Club is an opportunity for students who enjoy playing chess and learning new concepts, tactics, and strategies to come together and learn in a community setting.

Through forum discussion, strategy sessions, and the opportunity to play games multiple times per week, students will improve their chess knowledge, strategy, and confidence!

This club has synchronous virtual club meetings, but participation is optional. View the schedule on the Synchronous Session tab for club meeting times. Meetings will be recorded for students who are unable to attend due to scheduling conflicts.

A few notes about CTY Chess Club:
This is not meant to replace or be considered a core piece of any course that CTY offers. While curricular content will be introduced, it is not at the quantity of a course, the focus is on giving students a chance to interact as a group rather than individual time working with a club advisor.

Virtual classrooms, and student activities in the classroom, may be recorded and added to the club as an ongoing asset for all club students to review. Students may be invited to interact in CTY community spaces that include students and club advisor and potentially specially invited guests that are not enrolled in their club. Student contributions (forum posts, solutions, etc.) may remain after the student completes their enrollment. These artifacts may be preserved to showcase student work or to continue important conversations with future students.

Materials Needed

Nothing besides pencil/paper. A physical chess set for practicing is encouraged.

List of Topics

Varies by session, but will include a number of topics including: tactics, openings, checkmates, and strategies.

Synchronous Session

A club advisor will be available to monitor student games two to three times per week. Students are encouraged to attend at least one of these sessions per week, and can attend each session if they like! The club advisor will schedule meeting dates/times at the start of the club.

Strategy Sessions will be offered one to two times per week.

Time Required

As the club is meant to be a supplement as opposed to a fully-fledged course, there is little time set aside as required outside of the synchronous sessions. Students are invited to post to forums moderated by teaching assistants on a weekly basis. Students are also welcome to log in to the Chess Club at any time to practice or challenge other CTY students.

Technical Requirements

This course requires a properly maintained computer with high-speed internet access and an up-to-date web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox). The student must be able to communicate with the instructor via email. Visit the Technical Requirements and Support page for more details.

Students will receive login credentials to the CTY Chess Club, hosted by the ICC.