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World History for Young Historians

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Open to: Grades 3 - 5
Eligibility: CTY-level or Advanced CTY-level math or verbal score required

Course Format: Session Based. See calendar for session dates and application deadlines.

Course Length: 12 weeks (Winter, Spring, Early Summer, Mid-Summer)

Course Code: WHS1

Course Description


This course will explore the relationship between the social, cultural, and historical aspects of world civilizations. Students will learn skills to help them think chronologically about historical perspectives and how they change over time, due to various causes and effects. With an emphasis on traditions, cultures, and beliefs, this course will help students develop an understanding of how societies evolve throughout history. It will also prepare students for future work in pre-AP social studies classes.

Course Goals

Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to advance the following skills:

  • Chronologically thinking about historical events and when they occur in time.
  • Recognizing cause-and-effect relationships throughout various histories.
  • Explaining historical relationships such as causality, correlation, continuity, and change.
  • Collaborating with peers in discussing specific features found in various histories.
  • Connecting historical events with their influence on traditions, cultures, and beliefs found in various regions of the world

Materials Needed

Core Textbook: 

The History Book (Big Ideas Simply Explained) by DK
ISBN-13: 978-1465445100

Additional Textbook (selected chapters):

When on Earth? By DK   
ISBN-13: 978-1465429407

Detailed Course Information

Course Details

  • History of North America (This unit examines the historical roots of the United States of America, along with Canada, Mexico, and parts of Central America.)
  • North America – Culture, Traditions, Beliefs
  • History of South America
  • South America – Culture, Traditions, Beliefs
  • History of Europe
  • Europe – Culture, Traditions, Beliefs
  • History of Africa
  • Africa – Culture, Traditions, Beliefs
  • History of Asia
  • Asia – Culture, Traditions, Beliefs
  • History of Australia and the Pacific Isles
  • Australia and the Pacific Isles – Culture, Traditions, Beliefs

Technical Requirements

This course requires a properly maintained computer with high-speed internet access and an up-to-date web browser (such as Chrome or Firefox). The student must be able to communicate with the instructor via email. Visit the Technical Requirements and Support page for more details.

Zoom online virtual classroom
This course uses an online virtual classroom for discussions with the instructor. The classroom works on standard computers with the Zoom desktop client and also tablets or handhelds that support the Zoom Mobile app. Students who are unable to attend live sessions will need a computer with the Zoom desktop client installed to watch recorded meetings. The Zoom desktop client and Zoom Mobile App are both available for free download.