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Language Arts: Art Meets Science Series

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Open to: Grades 6 - 9 (See specific course description)

Eligibility: CTY-level or Advanced CTY-level verbal score

Course Format: Web-based classroom (See specific course description)

Course Length: Session-based: (See course description for specific length)
Session Dates and Application Deadlines

Course Code: (See specific Course Description)

Critical Reading: Art Meets Science Series

The Art Meets Science Series [Nonfiction, Literature] for grades 6 through 9 encourages students to explore the connection between scientific discovery and creative writing. In this critical reading series, students discover how scientific inquiry and creative writing offer different perspectives on the same complex and unfolding universe.

Art Meets Science: Nonfiction

Art Meets Science: Literature.

Readings inspired by science provide students with models for creating their own poems, stories, and essays. For example, students might consider how Einstein's theory of relativity has influenced the images and themes of 20th-century poets, or how an essay about childhood memories is enhanced by understanding neuroscience. These courses involve substantial discussion of readings as well as writing workshops in which the instructor and peers offer constructive criticism. For more information, visit the course descriptions.