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Provisional Admission for New Students

CTY Online Programs may offer provisional admission to take one course to students who are unable to test in time AND can demonstrate outstanding academic abilities by:

  • Achieving scores at or above the 95th percentile on a nationally normed test.
  • Earning scores at advanced levels (advanced proficiency, distinguished, honors, etc.) on state tests.

To support a request for provisional admission, students should attach to their application any score report from a nationally normed test or state test that they are relying on to demonstrate their outstanding academic abilities. Students in grades 2-8 will be automatically enrolled in the CTY Talent Search. CTY will send testing information so that students may test through CTY to earn scores required to take further Online Programs courses.

To continue in the program and enroll in subsequent courses, or to participate in summer residential or commuter programs, students will need to submit qualifying scores on one of the assessments appropriate for their grade level.

Students in grades Pre K-1 or 9-12 should see the Online Programs Eligibility Chart to determine what assessments and qualifying scores are accepted. Since they are not eligible for the CTY Talent Search, they will need to arrange their own testing to achieve appropriate qualifying scores to continue in Online Programs.  


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