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LIVE and Problem-Based Courses FAQs

How are LIVE and Problem-Based courses different from your other Online courses?

LIVE and Problem-Based courses offer a blend of live online instruction, collaboration, and independent learning. The courses are instructor-developed and enrichment-based so that students can pursue a topic they might not normally experience in school. Unlike many of CTY’s other Online Programs offerings, you cannot pursue credit or placement for LIVE and Problem-Based courses.

Our Individually Paced and Session-Based online courses run for longer periods of time, usually between 3 and 9 months. Many are also asynchronous, meaning students do not experience course instruction at the same time and can work at their own pace.

How are CTY LIVE and Problem-Based Learning (PBL) classes different from each other?

LIVE classes meet three days per week for one hour. These one-hour class sessions are interactive and invite students to engage with one another. Outside the class sessions, students complete activities assigned by the instructor. Those activities could include problem sets, readings, research, writing, labs, and asynchronous forum discussions. For most of the outside-class time activities, students work on their own, then come together to discuss, share and collaborate during class hours. Some assignments may ask students to collaborate in small groups outside class hours.

PBL classes also meet three times a week. These courses are project based and require students to work collaboratively in assigned project teams of approximately five students to create solutions to the specific problem around which the course is centered. Class session consist of one hour of synchronous whole group instruction followed by a one-hour work session for project teams. While instructors for PBL classes provide guidance to student project teams, PBL classes are student driven and require students to set up times outside scheduled class meetings to collaborate and successfully complete their projects.

How do I determine my student's grade eligibility for LIVE and Problem-Based courses?

Please use the grade your student is currently in or, if the current school year will end before the LIVE or Problem-Based course starts, the grade they have just completed. For example, a student currently in grade 9 is eligible for a LIVE or Problem-Based course for grades 7-10, but they are not eligible for a course for grades 10-12.

What if my child has to miss several class meetings?

Class meetings are essential to the LIVE and Problem-Based courses, and they cannot be made up or recorded. If you already know that your child will miss several meetings, then we suggest you consider another type of Online course.

Can my child take two LIVE or Problem-Based courses in one session? What about one LIVE or Problem-Based course and one Individually Paced or Session-Based course?

Students may enroll in a second LIVE or Problem-Based course per session, but must submit a second application to do so. Students may also enroll in a LIVE or Problem-Based course and an Individually Paced or Session-Based course that overlap; however, we encourage families to keep in mind that the LIVE and Problem-Based course workload is approximately 12 hours per week.

When are applications due for the summer 2021 session?

Applications will be accepted until May 18 for Session 1 and June 8 for Session 2 (or when courses fill).

When will my student be placed in a course?

Students will be placed in courses on a first-come, first-served basis as follows:

Application Received Between...Course Notification Sent to Family
February 1 and February 7February 9
February 8 and February 14February 16
February 15 and February 21February 23
February 22 and February 28March 2
March 1 and March 7March 9
March 8 and March 14March 16
March 15 and March 21March 23
March 22 and March 28March 30
March 29 and April 4April 6
April 5 and April 11April 13
April 12 and April 18April 20
April 19 and April 25April 27
April 26 and May 2May 4
May 3 and May 9May 11
May 10 and May 16May 18
May 17 and May 23May 25
May 24 and May 30June 2
May 31 and June 6June 8
June 7 and June 8 (11:59 p.m.)June 10

Can I switch my student's course or meeting time?

Because of high demand and limited capacity, course changes are generally not able to be supported. If your circumstances are exceptional, contact to find out if you are able to switch meeting times.

Can I cancel my student's registration?

Families wishing to withdraw from CTY LIVE and Problem-Based courses must submit a written request to at least two weeks before the first day of class to obtain a 100% tuition-only refund. CTY LIVE and Problem-Based courses application fees are non-refundable.

What technology will students need?

Students will use Zoom for all class meetings. Additional content will be delivered through Moodle, our online learning platform. Students also may need to access videos on YouTube or other sites. International students should be aware that LIVE and Problem-Based courses may require access to foreign materials. You can find specific device information on our Technical Requirements page.

Who will be teaching the course?

An expert group of CTY educators have developed and will teach CTY LIVE and Problem-Based courses. Many of these instructors have taught for CTY before, and all are experienced in teaching challenging concepts to advanced learners.

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