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Advanced Placement FAQs

Am I eligible to enroll in AP courses?

Check the Course Catalog for CTY Online prerequisites and test scores.

Can I enroll in AP courses even though I am not in high school yet?

Check the Course Catalog for CTY Online prerequisites and test scores.

Contact your school (usually the guidance department) to see if they will accept AP Credit for your CTY Online AP course.

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How many AP courses can a student take?

One (1) at a time is recommended. Email with the subject line “Multiple AP Course consideration” if you wish to take more.

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Why do students enroll in AP courses and take AP exams?

Usually for placement and in rare cases, credit at university. Some AP courses prepare students for SAT Subject Tests. Always check with your university’s math/science/etc. department directly to learn about their policy regarding placement or credit for AP courses.

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Are CTY Online Programs AP courses approved by the College Board?

Yes. Visit the AP Course Ledger website and type in "Center for Talented Youth at Johns Hopkins University" as the high school name to see the full list.

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Do CTY Online Programs AP science courses include labs?

Yes. Many courses feature experiments that can be safely and easily be conducted at home as well as virtual experiments These labs cover all relevant AP Science course content and will prepare students to succeed on the corresponding AP Exam. See AP Chemistry for information about its lab kit.

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When are CTY's AP courses offered?

Individually Paced (IP) courses run year-round and your student can start them at any time.

Note: The AP Exams for all subjects are held in May so it is generally recommended to start in January at the latest to allow sufficient time to complete a course.

Session Based (SB) courses have specific start and end times: View the AP Calendar for more info.

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Can students take an AP course for review and not for a grade?

Yes. Check the “Audit” box in MyCTY when registering to indicate that you do not wish to have the class appear on the CTY Official Academic Record (OAR).

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Can I take a vacation during my CTY Online Programs AP course?

For Individually Paced (IP) courses, yes. For Session Based (SB) courses, no.

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Will I be able to access course materials to study for the AP exam?

For Individually Paced (IP) courses, you will have access to the course website and all materials until the last day of your enrollment, whenever that may be.

For Session Based (SB) courses, you will have access to the course website and materials until the day of your specific AP Exam, always in May.

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Where can I take the AP exams?

AP exams are not administered at CTY.

Communicate with your school counselor or local high school for guidance on where to take the AP exam.

AP Examinations begin in early May, and it is your responsibility to register your student for the exam by late October. Registration information and test dates can be found on the College Board website. While there, review the official testing calendar.   

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How can I get more information about the AP exams?

Information about the AP exams is available from AP Central on the College Board website.

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What codes should CTY Online Programs students enter on their College Board AP application forms?

The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth School Code is 992101. Previously, you were able to use our School Code 992101 when completing the registration form for an AP exam. On the day of the exam, students were able to provide the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth Online Provider Code 062 before to register for the exam.

Please note that CTY Online no longer registers students for AP Exam testing since the College Board now has a new system with new processes.

To register your CTY Online student for the College Board’s AP exam, you should contact your student’s AP coordinator or advisor at their local school to register for their desired AP exam. Once the school agrees to provide a seat for the desired AP exam, that school will provide an “EXAM ONLY join code” for your student to register into the exam room. Please see the attached file for more information regarding College Board’s AP Exam registration.

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