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Grand Ceremony

Honoring Top Students

The Grand Ceremony at Johns Hopkins honors top students from across the country. The students honored at CTY’s Grand Ceremony are a select group with qualifying scores and 2016-17 Talent Search enrollment. Above-grade-level tests can provide useful information to students, their families, and schools, particularly when a student has “hit the ceiling” of what their grade-level tests can discern. Above-grade-level testing gives a clearer picture of their academic capabilities.

Invitations are emailed to parents. To RSVP from the email, login as ‘Parent’ to your MyCTY account and select the “Talent Search” and “Award Ceremony” tabs. For more information reference the Frequently Asked Questions.

Identified through CTY Talent Search

These exceptional children earned their opportunity for recognition by participating in the annual Talent Search organized by The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth. Since 1979, CTY has sought the most academically able elementary and middle school students each year. Learn about an NPR story that aired about middle schoolers and the SAT.

Annual Honors Ceremonies

In addition to the Grand Ceremony, CTY hosts Distinguished Alumni Awards and regional* Awards Ceremonies to celebrate the outstanding achievement of Talent Search participants. The "regional" ceremony for students living in Asia is CTY's International Awards Ceremony, held annually in Hong Kong. At these events, eligible students are individually recognized and receive a High Honors pin. Eligible students who cannot attend are mailed their award after the ceremony is held.