BALTIMORE — Recognizing the deep interest in politics and social justice prevalent among Baltimore’s gifted students after this presidential election year, The Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY) will host an evening seminar on race and politics geared for middle students.

The event, open to Baltimore-area CTY students and others, takes place Wednesday, December 5, from 7 to 8:30 PM in the Curran Conference Room of Baltimore City Hall, 100 North Holliday Street, Baltimore, MD 21202. 

In hosting the workshop, CTY hopes to deepen students’ understandings of the role race plays in politics and public policy.

The workshop will be led by Athan Biss of the University of Wisconsin and an instructor in CTY’s summer academic programs for top advanced learners in grades 7-10. Honored guests include Baltimore City Council members and the winners of CTY’s recent essay contest, who will read excerpts from their winning entries on the topic.

“CTY is honored to host this event for Baltimore area students,” said Elizabeth Albert, Senior Director of Academic Programs and Services for CTY. “We hope through experiences like this they will develop informed and nuanced thinking about race, politics, and the intersection of the two that can someday benefit themselves and their generation.”

For more information contact: Mark Riding, Maryland Talent Identification Coordinator: