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In an op-ed for the Baltimore Sun published on April 15, 2015, CTY Executive Director Elaine Tuttle Hansen takes issue with the Baltimore City Public School’s proposal to eliminate the Advanced Placement Summer Academy, the only free summer enrichment program for academically advanced Baltimore public school students. Full text below. 

The cost of cutting the AP Summer Academy

By Elaine Tuttle Hansen

The Baltimore City school system's proposal to eliminate the Advanced Placement Summer Academy, the city's only summer enrichment program for academically advanced students, will reportedly trim $99,000 from the budget as part of an overhaul of the school system's summer programs, which aims to save a total of $2.5 million. ...Read more.

Questioning recent claims about academic talent and grit, CTY leader Elaine Hansen shared lessons learned from our smart teachers and students in an op-ed for The Baltimore Sun, published October 17, 2014. Full text is below: 

Smart Is Not a Dirty Word

By Elaine Tuttle Hansen

As the school year hits its stride, many parents and teachers of K-12 students feel overburdened with all-too-familiar concerns about failing schools, common core standards and teaching to the test. Now experts are adding one more thing to worry about: grit. ...Read more.

In Inside Higher Ed today, CTY executive director Elaine Tuttle Hansen takes on the topic of undermatching, the problem of high-achieving low-income students choosing to attend non-selective colleges. “Matching should not be a one-time idea that we introduce at the 11th hour, when it's suddenly time to choose a college,” she writes. “It should be a guiding principle and a fundamental goal of educational theory and practice from pre-school forward.” Read more ...

December 19, 2013 response to Dec. 15 New York Times editorial about gifted education

By Elaine Tuttle Hansen

I am sure that by now many of you have seen the editorial about gifted education in Sunday’s New York Times.  If you haven’t, take a look and I trust you will be as excited as I was to find a prominent source calling badly needed attention to the cause we all care so much about....Read more.

CTY's executive director, Elaine T. Hansen, responded to the The New York Times Op-Ed "Young, Gifted and Neglected," published September 18, 2012. Full text is below:...Read more.