We are pleased to announce that Jonathan Plucker, CTY’s Julian C. Stanley Professor of Talent Development, is the next president-elect of the National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC). 

Plucker will preside over the 13-member board, which charts a strategic course for the organization, sets priorities for programs and services, and oversees finances and resources. His two-year term as president-elect begins Sept. 1, and his term as president begins in 2019.   

“I am very excited to continue my service with the NAGC board in this new role,” said Plucker. “NAGC is a national leader in advocating for the education of our brightest students, and the organization is well-poised to lead efforts to expand talent development services across the country.”

Jonathan Plucker

NAGC’s mission in many ways echoes CTY’s in its aims to support those who enhance the growth and development of advanced learners through research, education, advocacy, and community building. M. René Islas, NAGC’s executive director, said Plucker’s practical nature, understanding of research, and experience with state leaders will serve him well as he works to build supportive policy environments for bright students in this new role.

“NAGC is focused on changing minds, policies, and practices to help gifted children as they reach for their personal best,” Islas said. “Jonathan is knowledgeable and skilled in tackling all three priority areas, but I am personally excited to collaborate with him on changing policy.”

Plucker’s extensive body of research covers a range of topics, including intelligence, creativity, and the excellence gap. Much of this work has focused on promoting opportunities for all bright students, particularly the most vulnerable. His 2016 book, Excellence Gaps in Education, calls attention to a “persistent talent underclass” in the United States among minority and underserved populations.

CTY’s Executive Director Elaine T. Hansen said Plucker has filled a critical role since he came to CTY in 2016 through a joint appointment with the Johns Hopkins School of Education.

“His deep understanding of issues affecting gifted education has immensely helped guide our efforts to reach the brightest students from all backgrounds, to advocate for their best interests, and to offer programs and resources that most effectively support their growth,” Hansen said.

Plucker has served on the NAGC Board of Directors since 2014. He will continue his work with CTY while assuming this key leadership role with NAGC. 

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