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Date: Feb 2014

In Inside Higher Ed today, CTY executive director Elaine Tuttle Hansen takes on the topic of undermatching, the problem of high-achieving low-income students choosing to attend non-selective colleges. “Matching should not be a one-time idea that we introduce at the 11th hour, when it's suddenly time to choose a college,” she writes. “It should be a guiding principle and a fundamental goal of educational theory and practice from pre-school forward.” Read more ...

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BALTIMORE, FEBRUARY 3, 2014—One researcher wants to see if ammonium borane might be a safer storage medium to power a hydrogen car. Another wants to find new ways to attach biological molecules, such as those in pharmaceuticals, to carbon nanotubes.

It might be all in a day’s work at a university or research institute, but here the researchers are seven young women and five young men between 13 and 16 years old.   

Ten students from the United States and two from South Korea have been named recipients of the inaugural CTY Cogito Research Awards for aspiring middle school and high school researchers, the Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (CTY)  announced. ...Read more.