JHU education professors Robert Slavin and Jonathan Plucker are ranked among the top university-based scholars in the U.S. who are doing the most to shape education policy and practice right now.  

Slavin, director of the Center for Research and Reform in Education at the School of Education, ranked 13 out of 200 scholars on the 2018 RHSU Edu-Scholar Public Influence Rankings, which were released Wednesday. Plucker, the Julian C. Stanley Professor of Talent Development, who holds a joint appointment at the Center for Talented Youth and School of Education, ranked 93 on the list.

The rankings take into account such criteria as citations by other scholars, number of books authored and edited, and mentions on the web, in newspapers, and in the national press. The list includes some of education’s most prominent scholars– people like Diane Ravitch of New York University, Robert Slavin, director of JHU’s Center for Research and Reform in Education, and Stanford University’s Claude Steele.

Some 200,000 plus educators might qualify for inclusion on this list, but only 200 were named for their work bridging the gap between education practice and policy.

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