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Employee Referral Program

CTY offers a $150 referral award for targeted positions and courses!

We are always interested in finding the most qualified applicants to work in the summer programs. Referrals from current or former summer staff members often direct us to particularly well-qualified candidates, because those who have experienced CTY Summer Programs understand what it takes to be successful. We therefore greatly value and appreciate referrals we receive from former and current staff members.

There are two ways to make referrals: general referrals and targeted referrals. Please see below for more information on each type of referral.

General Referrals

General referrals are names and contact information that you provide CTY. We will then follow up with those referrals. This type of referral is not eligible for the referral award.

General Referral Form

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Targeted Referrals

Targeted referrals take this a couple steps further and involve you recruiting an applicant and making sure he or she sends us an application for one or more targeted positions. Only targeted referrals are eligible for the referral award.

Targeted Referral Form and Award Guidelines

Targeted Referral Guidelines

Am I eligible to participate in the targeted referral award program?

If you have worked for CTY in a previous summer and completed the full terms of your most recent contract, or if you are contracted for upcoming summer, you are eligible for the award program. Current and former full-time, part-time, and casual employees of CTY are not eligible.

Whom should I seek in order to benefit from the award program?

Please refer a qualified candidate who has not previously applied to or worked for CTY Summer Programs.

What are the conditions?

You must get the candidate to complete an employment application and send us a Targeted Referral Form. If hired, the candidate and you (if you are contracted with CTY for the current summer) must also complete the full terms of your contracts.

How much will I be paid and how?

We are offering $150 for each successful referral (with a $300 cap) each hiring season. The award will be processed in late August following the completion of the summer programs, and checks will be sent by the end of October. This money is taxable income.

How do I start?

Complete or have your colleague complete the Targeted Referral Form, and have your colleague mail or fax us the form after submitting his or her employment application. The Targeted Referral Form must be sent to us by the referred candidate.

What are the qualifying positions for the targeted referral award?

  • Site Director
  • Academic Dean
  • Dean of Residential Life
  • Dean of Students
  • Academic Counselor
  • Office Manager
  • Site Nurse
  • Health Office Manager
  • Health Director (New York EMT certification required)
  • Health Assistant
  • Instructor for any Science, Math, or Computer Science course
  • Instructor for Cognitive Psychology (COGN)

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Johns Hopkins University is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, veteran status, or any other occupationally irrelevant criteria. The university promotes affirmative action for minorities, women, disabled persons, and veterans.

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“I had an amazing experience—it was a fun, relaxed, respectful, and hardworking environment all at once. There was an incredible energy in the classroom.” 

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