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Site Director - Residential

A CTY site director's role is similar to a head of school's or principal's. Site directors provide overall leadership and manage the day-to-day operations at their sites. They work with other site administrators, instructors, teaching assistants, resident assistants, parents, students, host institution representatives, and various advisory contacts (JHU's offices of human resources, legal counsel and risk management, as well as year-round CTY administrators). Site directors maintain high visibility on campus, attending to administrative tasks on and off campus, meeting daily with staff and students, and attending all major events at the site.

At residential sites, site directors work seven days per week and are on call at all times. They are expected to be visible, available, and approachable leaders and members of the CTY site community. During the week, site directors attend daily residential and administrative staff meetings, handle paperwork and other logistical tasks, and respond to concerns from students, staff, and parents. They regularly observe classes, meals, activities, and all aspects of the residential program. Site directors also attend a weekly instructional staff meeting. On weekends, site directors spend time in the office, attend all major events, and otherwise maintain high visibility on campus.

"Until my work with CTY, I'd enjoyed all sorts of leadership opportunities, but they were largely focused on the administrative side of private schools. I loved the work I'd done with students as an advisor and in my graduate school teaching, but I was hungry for school-level leadership that would better connect me with teachers, curriculum, and families. Serving as a site director at CTY permitted me to apply my educational interests and administrative experience in an inspiring school setting. The students, their families, and the faculty were wonderfully bright and eager and it made for a satisfying and professionally rewarding experience." — former CTY site director

Terms of Employment:

  • Starting salary is $8,400 for a seven-week period at residential sites; employees pay their own travel to and from program locations; room and board are provided at residential sites
  • Attendance the first weekend in June at an orientation in Baltimore, Friday to Sunday (no additional compensation, but CTY pays travel expenses and provides room and board)
  • Telephone and email consultations throughout the year, as needed

Desired Qualifications:

  • Master's degree preferred
  • Background that includes a combination of teaching, administration, or residential life, and a commitment to excellence in education
  • Prior or present leadership within an educational environment
  • Excellent supervisory and organizational skills
  • Comfortable using Microsoft Office applications and web-based applications, such as Box

The following positions report directly to the site director:

Programs run from late June to early August. Please refer to the Site Locations & Dates page for the specific dates of employment.

Complete Job Responsibilities (PDF)

"I have returned to CTY for more than a decade because the program creates a thriving intellectual community unlike any I have ever experienced. For many students, this is the first time they will ever receive community validation of their talents, the first time they feel free to soar intellectually in the company of peers.

I watch staff arriving from all over the country, bringing enthusiasm, innovative methods, and intellectual rigor from middle and high schools, from graduate programs and universities. I see new teachers, veteran teachers, and those who have reinvigorated themselves in the middle of their careers, coming from all disciplines to teach in ways they frequently cannot in their own institutions.

Like a proud parent, I bask in the compliments I hear about our students from the members of our host institutions: how polite the students are, how much they read, how interesting they are to speak with, and, above all, how much they are like regular children, playing and throwing Frisbees. I believe strongly that until our culture can recognize that gifted students are as normal as other children that programs like CTY are still needed." — former CTY site director

If you have questions about summer employment with CTY, write to us at or call 410-735-6185.

Johns Hopkins University is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, veteran status, or any other occupationally irrelevant criteria. The university promotes affirmative action for minorities, women, disabled persons, and veterans.