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General Employment Questions

Application Questions

Reference Questions

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General Employment Questions

Can I hold another job or take a summer course while working for CTY?

No. Given the intensive time commitment to the program, summer staff members are not permitted to hold other positions or take summer school courses while employed.

Can I apply to work only one session?

Yes. However, we prefer to hire employees to work both sessions whenever possible to preserve consistency. We strongly prefer that administrative staff work both sessions (if hired at a two-session site).

Do I get to choose the location where I work?

Site placement is determined by both an applicant’s preferences and the program’s needs for the summer. You are able to specify you site preferences on the application. Keep in mind that the more flexible you are in terms of your preferences, the easier it is for us to make a placement.

Will I be required to live on campus at a residential site?

At residential sites, all residential and most administrative staff members are required to live on campus for the duration of the program. Instructional staff members who live locally may commute.

I am applying to be an instructor. Does CTY specify a curriculum that must be followed?

We provide instructors with guidelines and resources to help them plan their course; however, we want to give instructors freedom to be creative in designing their courses. We do not specify a precise curriculum to which instructors must adhere.

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Application Questions

If I worked for CTY Summer Programs previously, do I need to submit a new application?

Yes. All applicants must submit a new application and an updated resume every year. However, you do not need to resubmit transcripts or provide new references.

Do all parts of the application have to be submitted at the same time?

You will be required to submit a resume with the online application. Candidates who have not previously worked for CTY must also provide contact information for at least two references. You may send additional supporting documentation, such as transcripts, later; however, you should submit these as soon as possible to avoid delaying the hiring process.

Can I start the application now and finish it later?

Yes. If you have not previously worked for CTY, you will be required to provide your email address and select a password. This will allow you to log back into the application if you save your progress and exit before the application has been submitted. If you have previously worked for CTY and log into the application through MyCTY, you will be able to log back in through MyCTY to complete your application.

How do I submit additional supporting documents (e.g., transcripts) or update my application once it has been submitted?

You may submit additional supporting documentation to You will need to call 410-735-6185 or email in order to make changes to your application. 

Am I required to submit an original transcript?

No. A scanned copy or a web version may be uploaded when you submit your online application. Faxing an original transcript or web printout to us separately is also acceptable.

To whom should I address my cover letter?

You should address your cover letter “Dear Hiring Committee”. There are several program managers who review applications, and your application will likely by reviewed by different people if you are applying for multiple positions.

Is there a cutoff date for applying?

Application consideration begins in October for previous staff members and in December for applicants without prior CTY Summer Programs experience. However, there is no cutoff date. We continue hiring on an as-needed basis through the beginning of the programs. The earlier that we receive your application, the more likely it will be that there is an available position that matches your interest and experience.

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Reference Questions

How many references do I need to provide?

We require at least two references. One should be from someone who supervised you in a work experience with kids. A second should be from your most recent supervisor in work relevant to CTY. 

Note: If you are applying to work at the site in Princeton, NJ, please provide at least three professional references. State regulations require us to have three references for summer staff working in New Jersey.

What do you mean by “work relevant to CTY”?

This means a work experience where some aspect of your responsibilities would be relevant to the work you would do in the position(s) for which you are applying. For instance, if you are applying for a teaching assistant position, we would like a reference from someone who is familiar with your teaching or your academic background. This may include a professor or academic advisor with whom you have worked.

If I worked for CTY Summer Programs previously, do I need to submit references again?

No. If, however, you believe that providing additional references will strengthen your application, you are welcome to do so.

I am a student. Can I provide a professor as a reference?

Yes. This is particularly appropriate if you are applying for an instructional position.

What if my only experience working with children has been as a volunteer?

Even though it was not paid employment, because it involved working with children, it is a preferred reference. You should provide a reference from the volunteer coordinator or another person who supervised your volunteer work.

What if I have never worked with children?

If you have worked as a volunteer in a program for children or babysat, these would be acceptable references. Otherwise, provide references from your two most recent positions in work relevant to CTY.

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Johns Hopkins University is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, disability, marital status, veteran status, or any other occupationally irrelevant criteria. The university promotes affirmative action for minorities, women, disabled persons, and veterans.

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“I had an amazing experience—it was a fun, relaxed, respectful, and hardworking environment all at once. There was an incredible energy in the classroom.” 

From a CTY Teaching Assistant