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Apply for Summer Employment

All candidates for summer employment must submit an online application and a current resume to be considered for a position. Even if you have previously worked for CTY Summer Programs, you will not be allowed to submit the online application without uploading a resume or confirming that a previously uploaded resume is current. Below are further instructions and links to the 2018 CTY Summer Employment Application.

Note to candidates applying for instructor positions: Candidates applying for instructor positions (both new and returning) should provide a summary of teaching experience including:

  1. Number of years (including through the end the current academic year) of full-time, pre-collegiate teaching
  2. Lead (non-TA) college or university teaching experience by semester (e.g., Fall 2017, 2 courses), including (anticipated) teaching in spring 2018

You may include the teaching experience summary on your resume or upload it as a separate document when you submit your application using the Teaching Experience Summary template (docx).

Instructions for Returning Employees

Candidates who have previously worked for CTY Summer Programs should access the online application by logging into MyCTY. Although you are not required to submit updated references or transcripts, you will be required to upload a resume or verify that the resume we have on file is current in order to submit your application.

Note to returning candidates applying to a new course or a new instructional position: If you are applying to a course or position in which you haven’t worked previously, please submit a current transcript. In order evaluate your suitability for new instructional roles, a current transcript is essential. Please upload a current transcript when you get to the “Upload” section of the employment application.

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Instructions for New Applicants

Candidates who have not previously worked for CTY Summer Programs should access the CTY Summer Programs Employment Application for New Applicants. You will be required to upload a current resume in order to submit your online application.

Professional References
In addition to an application and resume, if you have not previously worked for CTY Summer Programs, you must provide at least two professional references on the application:

  • one should be a supervisor who oversaw you in a work experience with kids, and
  • one should be your most recent supervisor in work relevant to CTY.

References will be sent a secure link to the CTY Summer Programs online reference system.

Note: if you are applying to work at the site in Princeton, NJ, you should provide at least three references. State regulations require us to have three references for summer staff working in New Jersey.

If you have not previously worked for CTY Summer Programs, you must also provide transcript(s) from all of your undergraduate and graduate institutions. These may be uploaded along with your resume at the end of the online employment application. Otherwise, please complete the application and, as soon as possible, email your transcript(s) to

More details about supporting documentation can be found in the Supporting Documentation page.

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Requesting Workplace Accommodations

For information regarding requesting accommodations for CTY summer employment, please visit Requesting Workplace Accommodations.

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After Submitting the Application

All candidates who successfully submit a completed application will receive a confirmation email. After that point, the hiring process for CTY Summer Programs is as follows:

  • Application consideration for returning candidates begins in December.
  • Application consideration for new candidates begins in late January.
  • Applications are considered through the start of the programs for any positions that remain or become open.
  • We first place returning candidates in good standing. Returning candidates will be notified about their status around January 31.
  • Beginning in late January, we evaluate applications from candidates new to CTY and begin contacting those applicants regarding their status and to set up interviews for selected candidates. If at any time you would like to inquire about your status, please feel free to contact us at 410-735-6185 or
  • Throughout the winter and spring, we conduct telephone interviews for new applicants, review incoming applications, and continue to recruit as needed.
  • Positions may become available after the initial placement phase has been completed. If this occurs, we once again review all applications, including those that have arrived since the initial phase, and select appropriate candidates for interviews.
  • Because of the large volume of applications, you may not hear from us for several weeks after submitting your application. If, during this time, you are offered another position or have questions about the application process, we invite you to send us an email at or call 410-735-6185 to inquire about the status of your application.

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