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CTY's Diagnostic and Counseling Center

The Diagnostic and Counseling Center provides individualized assessments and consultations for students in pre-kindergarten through university with the goal of helping families and educators to develop targeted plans for students based on their demonstrated abilities, knowledge, and interests.

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 The Johns Hopkins CTY Scholars

The Johns Hopkins CTY Scholars Program offers financial assistance and academic resources to qualified eighth grade students, and continues to provide such services through their remaining pre-university years. 

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Julian C. Stanley Study of Exceptional Talent (SET)

SET’s primary function is as a counseling service to its members. Students qualify for SET by scoring at least 700 before age 13 on either the Math or Verbal (Critical Reading) sections of the SAT—a test designed for US university admission. Students who take the SAT after their 13th birthday may qualify for SET by scoring an additional 10 points above 700 for each month of age after their 13th birthday. SET also conducts research on talent development in an effort to shed light on the characteristics of exceptionally talented students and to identify effective strategies for meeting their needs.

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Additional Programs and Services