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CTY International

CTY has advised on the set-up and operation of gifted and talented programs internationally, including in: Greece, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and United Arab Emirates.

Student Selection

  • Designing customized selection processes
  • Licensing the School and College Ability Test (SCAT) and Spatial Test Battery (STB)
  • Translating, adapting, and norming localized versions of the SCAT and STB
  • Advising on test and selection design


  • The CTY International Educators Institute
  • Customized in-country training on topics ranging from establishing an out-of-school program for highly able students to best practices in creating a living-learning teaching environment
  • Test design and interpretation
  • Best practices in online education
  • Designing customized training materials

 Curriculum and Instructional Materials

  • Licensing CTY's curriculum and support materials
  • Creating customized curricula
  • Creating customized handbooks, manuals, and other support materials

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