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May/June 2018 • Language & Linguistics


How Do You Spell Success? • The Scripps National Spelling Bee

My Name is Quinn, and I Speak English • Transcending language barriers in Thailand

Linguistics Olympiads (PDF) • Puzzles and so much more

A Special Summer in Jordan (PDF) • Arabic immersion through NSLI-Y

Can You Really Learn a Language Online? • At CTY, ¡claro que si!

Speaking Out (PDF) • A Sikh student’s journey through speech and debate

The True Sense of a Word • What we gain by understanding etymologies

Language in the News • The scoop behind the stories making headlines

Discover Linguistics (PDF) • A collaborative, evolving discipline

The Road to Siri and Alexa (PDF) • Interview with computer scientist Jason Eisner


Big Picture

In My Own Words (PDF) • Linguist Ben Zimmer

Selected Opportunities & Resources (PDF)

Off the Shelf • Review of JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion

Word Wise

Exploring Career Options • Interview with speech-language pathologist Colleen McElroy

One Step Ahead • The gifts of gap year

Planning Ahead for College (PDF) • Visit colleges this summer

Students Review (PDF) • Stanford University

Mark Your Calendar

Knossos Games

Related Content

Career Profile (PDF) • Interpreter

In My Own Words (PDF) • Insights from Steven Pinker

The Language of Expanded Horizons (PDF) • How speaking foreign languages dissolves barriers

The Last Words (PDF) • Interview with K. David Harrison

Latin Geek (PDF) • Going ancient with Junior Classical League

My Sanskrit Yaatra (PDF) • Connecting with my culture through language

A Summer in Xian (PDF) • Immersion in Chinese language and culture

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