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Questions about Imagine Magazine

How often is Imagine published?

We publish five issues during the academic year: September/October, November/December, January/February, March/April, May/June. We do not publish an issue over the summer.

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What if I didn't receive one of my issues?

Please contact the Johns Hopkins University Press at (800) 548-1784. A subscription representative can send you the missed issue and check the status of your subscription.

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How do you find writers for your articles?

Writers sometimes introduce themselves to us in a query letter, or we may ask an organization or program to put us in touch with an outstanding student. We also keep in touch with CTY students—many of whom subscribe to Imagine—and find willing and talented writers among them.

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How can I write for Imagine?

We are always interested in hearing from students with story ideas! Please see our submission guidelines for details about how to submit a book review, an opinion essay, creative work, or a query for an article. We do not accept submissions or queries from professional freelance writers.

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Is Imagine just for CTY students?

Imagine is available to the public by subscription, and we have subscribers from across the country and around the world. Although the magazine is written for academically talented students in grades 7 through 12, many parents, teachers, guidance counselors, and G/T coordinators find it a valuable resource. Many school and public libraries also purchase subscriptions.

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Can I find Imagine in bookstores or on newsstands?

No, Imagine is available only by subscription (or by purchasing single issues). You might find it in your school or public library, but if you don’t, perhaps you could ask them to subscribe. Because we are a nonprofit and don’t run ads in the magazine, our marketing budget is limited. Many libraries just don’t know about us yet.

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Have you ever reviewed XYZ College/University?

You can see which colleges and universities we’ve reviewed here. If you’d like to read a review of one of the schools we’ve featured, you can purchase either the back issue in which the review appeared or our College Reviews CD, which contains 48 college reviews.

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Can my organization run an ad in Imagine?

No. CTY is proud to publish Imagine with no advertisements. However, if your organization runs an excellent program for gifted middle- or high-school students, we would like to know about it. If appropriate, we may include information about it in a listing in a future issue. Please mail information about your program to our editor for consideration.

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Can my organization purchase Imagine’s mailing list?

No. CTY does not share mailing lists or any other information about our students or their families.

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