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January/February 2018 • Math & Money


Game On! (PDF) • Studying game theory at CTY

How I Learned About Money, and Other Lessons

Better Tools for a Better World • Student research projects that count

Engaging in Econ (PDF) • The National Economics Challenge

Math at Work • Careers for math majors

Math, Math, and More Math…er, MoMath • A peek inside the National Museum of Mathematics

The Power to Predict • Applying number crunching to real-world problems

The Dark Side of Big Data

The Many Benefits of Competitive Math

The Bottle Club • Exploring the theory and practice of fair trade

Serving the Community and the World (PDF) • Making a difference through philanthropy


Big Picture

In My Own Words • Richard Rusczyk

Selected Opportunities & Resources

Off the Shelf • Review of Charlotte Brontё’s Jane Eyre

Word Wise

One Step Ahead • The Imposter Syndrome

Planning Ahead for College (PDF) • Residential summer programs as preparation for college

Students Review • Rice University

Mark Your Calendar

Knossos Games

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Elliptic Curves (PDF) • The story of a young cryptographer

In My Own Words (PDF) • Susan Athey

In My Own Words (PDF) • Sanjoy Mahajan

Interested in Econ (PDF) • Macroeconomics and microeconomics at CTY

Masters of Deduction (PDF) • Great puzzles and their creators

When Origami Meets Rocket Science (PDF) • The art of computational origami

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