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Gifted Education for PreK-1

The challenge

Advanced abilities can shine early. Many talented children in early grades can be helped by parents and teachers who enrich the child’s life at home and school. Some young children may have the advanced capabilities to do even more. 

The answer

In special cases, parents of children in pre-k through grade 1 may find The Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth to be a good match for a young child’s advanced abilities. CTY provides testing, course work, and other resources geared for students of great academic promise.

CTY Online Programs offers Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and critical reading courses to eligible students who have completed 1st grade.

Eligibility requirements

Students can become eligible to enroll in CTY Online Programs courses by submitting alternative test results that demonstrate high academic potential, such as the WISC, WPSSI and Stanford-Binet. For more details, view CTY Online Programs Eligibility.

Before enrolling, please contact to request a review of your child's standardized test scores and other information you may want us to consider when deciding CTY Online Programs eligibility. Need testing? View other options offered by CTY.