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About Family Academic Programs

CTY Family Academic Programs offers some 70 programs each year to students in grades 2-12. Our one-day, overnight, weekend, and one-week academic programs give families an inside look at museums, aquariums, research institutions, science and nature centers, and colleges and universities around the country. Our programs are tailored to the unique needs of academically advanced students.

CTY Family Academic Programs are open to all students and their families. There are no minimum qualifying scores required. Individual programs have grade requirements for students, so please check listings before registering.

Grades 2–4: Creative Connections Series 
Grades 5–7: Discovery Series 
Grades 7–10: Odyssey Series 
Grades 7–10: Science and Technology Series 
Grades 9–12: Pathways to College Series 
Grades 5–12: Educational Travel Programs

Questions? Please call 410-735-6115, 8:30 a.m.5 p.m. EST, or email