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Spatial Test Battery (STB) Accommodations

The Spatial Test Battery may be a great option for your child to establish CTY program eligibility if he or she possesses a lot of spatial ability. Students in grades five to twelve may take the Spatial Test Battery (STB) on computer at Prometric Test Centers.

Requesting Accommodations for the Spatial Test Battery (STB)

If your child has a learning, physical, mental health, or medical disability or impairment (including life threatening/severe allergies or other medical dietary restrictions) that may impact his or her testing before scheduling a test and after submitting a Talent Search application (for grades 2-8) or DCC Application (for grades 9 and up):

  1. Ensure you have a current Talent Search or DCC Application on file for the current academic year (July 1- June 30).
  2. Log in to your MyCTY account and select the link that says “Accommodation Requests for CTY Programs and SCAT/STB Testing.”
  3. After selecting the link, you will need to consent to visiting CTY’s accommodations request system, Accommodate. From there, you will be taken to an online Accommodations Request form.
  4. Complete the online accommodations request form. Be prepared to discuss your child’s strengths as well as where he or she might struggle during standardized tests. Attach documentation with submission if possible as this helps expedite the process.
  5. You will hear back from CTY Disability Services within 10 business days at the most with approved accommodations and directions for registering to test or a request for any needed information. Do not register to test until hearing back from CTY Disability Services.
  6. In the future, you will be able to log into Accommodate via the link in MyCTY to renew accommodations requests and request additional accommodations.

*Note: Untimed testing is not generally an option as an accommodation.

Review/download the guide to Accommodate (PDF)

If you have any difficulties, contact CTY Disabilities Services: 410-735-6215 or Please note this email and voicemail are checked regularly, but you will be directed to leave a message. Your call or email will typically be returned within 48 business hours. You can also contact Melissa Kistler at 410-735-6206.

You must complete a request for accommodation every year and with a re-test within the same academic year, even if your child received accommodations for CTY testing, in a past CTY program, or was evaluated by CTY’s Diagnostic and Counseling Center. The privacy rights of each student are honored to the fullest extent possible.

Please do not call Prometric to schedule your child's testing appointment until you hear from CTY Disability Services regarding the approval or denial of your request. Accommodations will not be in place if a test is scheduled before receiving an approval letter from CTY Disability Services.

What to Expect on Test Day

The STB has multiple sections. There are no built-in breaks during testing given the nature of the test (a portion requires a set time to memorize a set of figures for recall later in the exam). Read more details about the STB.

Prometric Test Centers offer a quiet space for testing and have a thorough check-in process. Students typically test with other students/adults in the main testing room. Read more information about Prometric Testing Center.

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