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Additional Resources for Students with Disabilities

CTY Special Services

The Information for Students with Severe Allergies web page explains CTY’s policies for managing food and other allergies. In addition there are several links to general information about food allergies at school and camp.


This link takes you to the site of the 2ENewsletter, which is dedicated to focusing specifically on issues surrounding students who are both highly able and face learning difficulties. On the site, you can sign up for free "News Briefs" or pay to subscribe to the newsletter. The "News Briefs" provide links to many current articles regarding twice exceptionalities as well as links for resources for parents, educators, and administrators. The newsletter carries a theme and offers a collection of related articles and resources.

The 2E Newsletter also has a database of providers who "get" twice exceptionalities compiled by its members. This can be accessed at

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) is one of the largest non-profit organizations serving individuals with ADHD. They have local chapters across the nation and are a source of information and support.

The Childmind Institute
The Child Mind Institute website offers a host of resources and support on a number of mental health, learning, and social issues. Whether you are looking for more information, advice, support, or where to find treatment, this website may be a good place to start or to potentially find short and relevant articles to provide to others who may be working with your child in school or otherwise.

Helping Your Eating Disordered Child Negotiate Summer Camp
This article from psychology today offers suggestions and tips for preparing a child with an eating disorder for camp.

This website offers a variety of links and resources on students who are gifted and learning disabled. Resources and links are catered towards parents, educators, and administrators.

Learning Ally
Learning Ally (formerly Reading for the Blind and Dyslexic) provides resources and support for students who struggle with a learning disability. The are a resource for getting audiobooks that can be listened to on a PC/Mac, iPhone, iPad, and more.

Special Needs Advocacy- The Weinfeld Education Group, LLC
This is the site for Rich Weinfeld's advocacy group for students with special needs. He has a particular focus on twice exceptional students. The group is based out of the DC Metropolitan area, but offers consulting services, information, and has recently sponsored several training sessions and conferences on smart kids with learning differences.

Uniquely Gifted
This site offers a lot of information on students who are gifted with various learning disabilities. The information is primarily catered towards families.

Worry Wise Kids
This site provides tools, tips, and resources for parents and professionals to help students with anxiety and related struggles.

With Understanding Comes Calm, LLC
This site provides information about advocacy for twice exceptional students. Julie Skolnick provides consultations with parents, educations, and twice exceptional adults to help them navigate school, testing results, and work. 

Financial Aid for Undergraduate and Graduate Students with Disabilities
This site provides scholarship resources for students with disabilities looking to attend undergraduate and graduate programs. Note: This is not for CTY financial aid.

Links and resources are listed for informational purposes and convenience. No direct or implied endorsement by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth should be construed.

“I was absolutely thrilled with the peanut-[sensitive] environment at Lancaster. It is extremely well maintained, and I felt my daughter was completely safe, and she had an unusually and very happy three weeks living as 'though she had no food allergy at all!”

Sarah W. , CTY Parent