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CTY Summer Programs Allergy Management

Each summer at CTY, many students who have severe allergies attend summer programs. To better serve these students and their families, CTY has developed protocols to aid staff and students in managing these allergies.

CTY's Allergy Action Plan

Please complete CTY's Allergy Action Plan if your child has been prescribed an epinephrine auto-injector for possible anaphylaxis. If your child has multiple allergies that require different treatment information, please complete a separate Allergy Action Plan for each allergen for which an epinephrine auto-injector has been prescribed. Students are encouraged to bring a twin pack of epinephrine auto-injectors.

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Food Allergy Management Practices at CTY Summer Programs Sites

You can expect all of the following to be the case at all CTY sites barring any unusual circumstances. Be aware though that these items may operate a little differently from site to site. For example, some sites have dining hall staff that are far more accessible than others (and even this can vary from year to year at the same site). If you have any questions or concerns about these items, please do not hesitate to contact CTY Disability Services or a site's program manager or assistant program manager.

  • Have dining hall staff/managers available on opening day (and ready) to answer your questions about food preparation and ingredients. CTY staff is typically involved in these conversations at some point so we are in the loop about what is being communicated, can assist students in navigating the cafeteria, and can also be more aware about what the site is able to do for individual students with dietary restrictions.
  • Have dining hall staff available and easily identifiable/approachable during meal times so students and/or CTY staff are able to ask about ingredients of foods without labels.
  • Allow and encourage students to carry an epinephrine auto-injector at all times.
  • Train all staff on use of an epinephrine auto-injector.
  • Ensure staff are aware of and have a chance to ask questions about a students’ Allergy Action Plan.

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Requesting Accommodations/Supports for Food Allergies

If a student requires more than the items listed in the previous section, the student may choose to request accommodations and/or supports to remain safe and to receive assistance in managing his or her allergies during the program in order to be able to fully participate.

You can request accommodations following the steps outlined previously.

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"Peanut/Nut Allergy Sensitive" Sites

Several of our residential and day sites are labeled as "peanut/nut allergy sensitive" which means:

  • No peanut or nut products are served in the dining hall.
  • All staff and students are requested to not bring nuts or nut products to the site.
  • Where applicable CTY staff members monitor student purchases at the bookstore and local market for any peanut products.
  • Where applicable CTY staff members explain the importance of not having nut products during students’ first hall or class meeting and take any nut products students turn over to them at this meeting.
  • You can contact to find out about practices related to peanut and tree nut allergies at any sites of interest. Please include what sites you are interested in finding out more about in your email.

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Food Allergy Web Resources

Links and resources are listed for informational purposes and convenience. No direct or implied endorsement by the Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth should be construed.

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Rolling Deadline Reminder! 

  • Summer Programs: Contact CTY Disability Services by MAY 15th to request accommodations!
  • Other Programs: Contact CTY Disability Services  as soon as you register for other programs to request accommodations!
  • Email CTY Disability Services
“We are so grateful to CTY for providing an environment where our son can be adequately challenged academically and at the same time feel like an accepted part of a social group.”

Lisa M. , CTY Parent