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Who Uses the Services of the DCC?

Families seek the services of the Diagnostic and Counseling Center for a variety of reasons including:  

When their child is not challenged in school.

DCC assessments and consultations can help a family understand their child's intellectual and academic abilities and educational needs.  DCC clinicians can suggest ways to provide appropriate challenge and enrichment for a child.  A DCC evaluation can also provide information to answer questions about the appropriateness of early school entrance or other forms of acceleration for academically advanced students.

When their bright child is underachieving.

Causes of underachievement in a gifted student are often diverse and complex.  Underachieving students could have a learning disability or an attention problem or have social or emotional concerns that are getting in the way of their school performance.  Sometimes, a combination of these factors and others is at the root of the problem.  Comprehensive evaluations conducted in the DCC by experts can help determine what issues are at the root of a student's underachievement and provide recommendations to improve student success.

When questions exist about the needs of a twice-exceptional student.

The assessment of gifted students with learning disabilities (i.e., twice-exceptional students) requires a unique level of expertise, understanding, and insight.  Sometimes students have had prior evaluations that do not adequately answer questions about their learning difficulties and/or their gifts, or they may need a re-evaluation to better understand their current learning needs.  DCC staff can provide additional testing and/or consult with families to clarify a child's strengths, weaknesses, and learning style.

When students struggle to define their career interests and academic goals.  

It is common for teenagers and young adults to be unsure of the career path they are likely to pursue in the future.  However, they can make better choices about courses, summer programs, internships, and college majors if they have some understanding of who they are and the extent to which their interests, preferences, personalities, and abilities should be considered in their decision-making. DCC’s Academic and Career Guidance service can provide insight and help with academic and career planning.