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Speakers Series Webinar: Curiosity, Conversation, and the Intellectual Life of the University 

Thu. Aug 6, 2020 12:00pm - 1:00pm
Online - Eastern Time

As Daniel Coit Gilman, Johns Hopkins University’s first president, put it: The university’s purpose is to seek knowledge for the world. But where do good questions come from? What happens after that? And how do undergraduates—particularly first-year students—step from high school into this world of academic inquiry? In fact, the basic intellectual work of research, collaboration, and academic writing are essentially the same, whether we are specialists at the frontier of our subfield or students just setting out.


Join Anne-Elizabeth Brodsky, faculty co-director of the JHU Common Question, as she examines the ways academics ask questions and answer them with examples from her undergraduate seminars: Canadian public art, a Nature abstract about dirt, and the broad question of the common good. By tracing the path from a scholar’s earliest questions and hunches to polished academic paper, this webinar will illustrate how intellectual inquiry really works.


This event will also be recorded and posted at a later date.


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