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Speakers Series Webinar: Bridging Biology and Biophysics with Bacteria

Mon. Jul 27, 2020 8:00pm - 9:00pm
Online - Eastern Time

Did you know that there are roughly 100 bacterial cells for every human cell in your body? Can you guess how many pounds this translates to, how wildly the cells vary, and why some clump together while others are loners?


Join Karen Fleming, JHU professor of Biophysics and 2019 winner of the Provost’s Prize for Faculty Excellence in Diversity, as she shares her research on the proteins found on the surface of bacteria. Professor Fleming will discuss how the language of physics and the tools of math and computer science help us understand biological processes—specifically our immune responses. She’ll also describe her life as a scientist, which calls for constant creativity, occasional alchemy, and an essential superpower she’ll reveal in the webinar.


This event will also be recorded and posted at a later date.


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