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Speakers Series Webinar: Neuroplasticity after a Stroke

Thu. Jul 2, 2020 12:00pm - 1:00pm

What happens to the human brain after a stroke? Interestingly, there is a period of time where the brain’s neuroplasticity is actually increased in an attempt to promote recovery.


Dr. Gabriela Cantarero, Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins, shares research on this sensitive period and explores how interventions—such as motor training, pharmaceuticals, and noninvasive brain stimulation—may capitalize on the hyperplastic period and improve recovery from stroke.


In addition to her research, Dr. Cantarero co-directs the Johns Hopkins Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Program that pairs different stimulation techniques with rehabilitation to treat a variety of neurological conditions and movement disorders.


This event will also be recorded and posted at a later date.


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