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We are unable to take calls at this time, though your questions are important to us. Please send them to for the quickest response. Thank you.

CTY Advisers

CTY gratefully acknowledges the efforts of our Advisory Council and East Asia Advisory Group. Composed of volunteers, these groups provide philanthropic support for the Center’s priorities, help promote our programs, and assist in fundraising efforts. Whether our advisers are CTY parents, alumni, or friends, they share a passion for educating academically gifted students.

CTY Advisory Council

  • Lee Stephens, Chair
  • Roseana Auten
  • Noriko Honda Chen
  • Lauren Geller
  • Peter Hammack
  • Mary Bloom Hyman
  • Ronald N. Kahn
  • Terri Kim
  • Mali Kinberg
  • Nina Kleaveland
  • Ronald Lake
  • James M. Li
  • Marjorie P. Loeb
  • John M. Lutz
  • Laura Overdeck
  • Ming Jack Po
  • Robert E. Raymond
  • Margret Schmidt
  • Jesse J. Wu
  • Shirley L. Zanton

CTY East Asia Advisory Group

  • Allan Bedwick
  • Ivy Chiang
  • Michelle Chin
  • Antonio da Silva
  • Gabriel Fong
  • Warren Lee
  • Paul Li
  • Helen Sun
  • Karel Vacek
  • Oliver Weisberg, Group Chair
  • Clara Wu
  • Rebecca Xu
  • Andrew Yiu