Anish RaviThis summer Anish Ravi, 15, spent three weeks at CTY learning as much as he could about genetics. “I love the hands-on learning of CTY,” says Anish, who also participates in the CTY Scholars Program, a four-year scholarship program that provides courses, advising, and support to high-achieving, low-income youth.

Then when he returned home from CTY, he volunteered for two weeks at a camp for underserved urban kids. As a science teacher and counselor, he shared his love for science with his elementary school campers. 

“I love getting kids excited about science and giving them experiences they might not get at school,” he says. “Maybe some of them might become doctors or scientists one day.”

Anish hopes to be an engineer or work in medicine. And like the kids he volunteers with, he appreciates having support to help him reach his goals.

 “Having someone who knows the college process and can guide me and make sure I’m on the right track is so valuable,” he says. “CTY is helping me get where I want to be.”