CTYOnlineCTYOnline students and parents nominate instructors
By Maria Blackburn

Every year students from CTY’s online courses – and their parents – nominate instructors for their excellence in teaching. This year, CTYOnline received 398 nominations for 137 instructors. Nine teachers were selected to receive the 2011 Outstanding Instructor Award from CTYOnline for their work educating our students in courses ranging from Algebra to Biology to Writing.

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One CTYOnline student wrote that her award-winning language arts instructor “stretched our limits to the brink and challenged us intellectually.” As a result, she says, “all of us submitted incredible work on time. Overall these qualities are what make [her] an outstanding teacher.”

And one of our science instructors was praised by students for her enthusiasm and attention to detail. “Her enthusiasm has helped me to take more enthusiasm in the subject,” one of this instructor’s Life Sciences students wrote. Another student added, “She really got me thinking about what goes on with animals, cells, and the world around us.”

And a CTYOnline parent said of one of our outstanding Algebra instructors, “[She] was very accessible to my child, did a great job of explaining things, responded quickly. We definitely got the feeling that she cares about her students!”

Congratulations to our winning instructors and thank you to our students for their nominations.

By the way, students applying for CTYOnline’s individually paced math, computer science and technology, and most science courses can apply now and start their courses about two weeks later, but the application deadline for CTYOnline’s summer session courses in Writing, Language Arts, Foreign Language, Forensics, Inventions, and most AP courses is fast approaching on May 12th.