Jacob_LurieIt’s been a quite a year so far for CTYer Jacob Lurie. In June, he was named one of five inaugural winners of the Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics, which honors landmark achievements in math and the sciences and carries a $3 million award. On Sept. 17, The MacArthur Foundation awarded him one of its $625,000 “genius grants” for 2014 .

According to both organizations, Lurie’s work breaks new ground in the field. In awarding the grant, the MacArthur Foundation notes: “Lurie embraces an extraordinary breadth of vision—rewriting large swathes of mathematics from a new point of view—while also working to apply his foundational ideas to prove important new theorems in other areas. With an entire generation of young theorists currently being trained on Lurie’s new foundations, his greatest impact is yet to come.”

These awards are two peaks in a remarkable journey in mathematics for Lurie, a four-year CTYer at our Lancaster site, who won the 1996 Westinghouse Science Prize for his work in surreal mathematics and who was appointed full professor at Harvard in 2008 at age 31.