At CTY, which Mike Martin attended for four summers in the 1980s, he discovered a place where he belonged. He took his first writing workshop, fed his intellect instead of hiding it, and made friends. “The program might have been responsible for every good thing I believed about myself during the dark years of childhood,” he says .

Today Martin teaches rhetoric at Babson College and his first book, Easiest If I Had A Gun, will be published this fall. He could have left CTY behind, but he did not. Every year for the past 16, he’s returned to CTY to teach writing and to challenge and inspire new generations of bright young students.

“I tell my CTY kids the real purpose of being at CTY has nothing to do with the content of the class,” says Martin, who teaches at CTY Saratoga. “The real purpose of CTY is for students to learn how to educate themselves and to be given the chance to love doing it.”

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