Cat in SpaceSure, everyone loves a cute cat picture. But a cute cat picture launched into space by two little girls who captured the whole thing on GoPro cameras? That’s so CTY.

Seattle sisters and CTYers Rebecca and Kimberly Yeung, 8 and 10, with a little help from their parents, Winston and Jennifer, built their own weather balloon, fastened a picture of their cat, Loki, and a Lego R2-D2 figurine to the front of it, and launched it from a field in rural Washington over Labor Day weekend. The result was a quirky, magical, helium-fueled experiment that captivated viewers around the world: a video of the girls’ “Lego Loki Launcher” gliding over amber fields and drifting toward the edge of space has been viewed on YouTube more than 260,700 times, and has caught the attention of NASA, GeekWire, the Washington Post, and Amy Poehler's Smart Girls....Read more about this Awesome CTYer.