Dan MerzelDan Merzel is passionate about two things—math and baseball.

Math he excelled at in school and on his own, taking CTYOnline algebra courses in eighth grade, majoring in applied math and statistics at Johns Hopkins University, and earning an MA in math education.

Baseball he played afternoons and on weekends, first in Little League, then in high school, and later at Hopkins, where his team made it to the 2008 Division III College World Series.

Now as a professional umpire and CTYOnline AP Statistics and Honors Algebra instructor, Merzel participates in his favorite sport and his favorite subject.

“I love being able to go to the baseball field for work every day,” says the Class AA Eastern League umpire. “And I love working one-on-one with my CTY students. You can tell by the quality of the questions they ask and the pace at which they work that they really have a passion for math. We share that.”

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