Nerd Camp ImageCTYers "a joy to teach"
By Maria Blackburn

CTY Summer Programs writing instructor Elissa Brent Weissman recently won a Cybil Award for Middle Grade Fiction for her novel “Nerd Camp” (Atheneum Books, 2011).

Here’s what she told us about why she likes teaching at CTY:

“I tell people that my CTY students are better writers than my college students. And they are. Here’s why: They are inquisitive, curious, clever, and endearing. They’re excellent writers with great imaginations who come up with some really great ideas and stories. They’re excellent readers who ask really good questions, engage in wonderful discussions, and take what they observe in their reading and adapt it into their own writing. And their grammar is better than my college students’ for sure. They’re just a joy to teach. Being with my CTY students is energizing not only as a teacher but as a writer, too.”

You can find out more about Elissa and her passion for teaching in this Johns Hopkins video: