CTYer "moves the earth"
By Matt Bowden

Video: Matt Bowden | CTY Communications

Before he was a PhD candidate in astrophysics at MIT, Adrian Liu was a CTYer.

And before he became a long-time Fast Paced Physics instructor at CTY's Carlisle site, he was a Fast Paced Physics student.

"I just remember a lot of mind-blowing things from that class -- well, mind-blowing to me at 15," Liu chuckles. Among the "mind-blowing" things he learned was that because of Newton's third law of motion, in principle, the earth moves backwards when we jump.

"What's kind of fun is I teach that same little factoid to my students now, and I see the same sort of reaction I had." For Liu, that sense of fun and excitement is essential, and what makes CTY special. "What my students are starting to realize is that physics isn't something you study just because it's something that'll get you into college -- it's something you study because it's fascinating."

After all, "you can move the earth," Liu declares. "Literally."