Megan Sims, CTYerCTYer Megan Sims pens columns for major metro newspaper
By Maria Blackburn

CTYer and Dallas Morning News columnist Megan Sims writes with the kind of sophistication and skill you might expect from a writer at a Pulitzer Prize-winning daily newspaper.

Her columns are smart. They’re insightful. They’re memorable.

And when you learn they’ve been crafted by 16-year-old high school sophomore, they’re even more impressive.

“Words inspire me,” says Megan, a voracious reader and writer who attends the Episcopal School of Dallas. “I really like being able to express myself and use words differently and interestingly. Because I read a lot that makes writing more enjoyable. And being a writer I can really appreciate how much goes into writing something I’ve read that’s really good.”

As a Student Voices columnist for The Dallas Morning News, Megan has spent the last year sharing her thoughts with 251,000-plus daily readers through her bimonthly columns. She’s taken on a wide range of topics – from writing a 50,000 word novel in a month to the pleasure of having a nerdy passion and the philosophy of duct tape. Her columns have garnered lots of positive feedback from Morning News readers.

“I really like how she brings new knowledge to readers,” Michael Landauer, Megan’s editor and the digital communities manager at The Dallas Morning News, who complimented Megan’s self-awareness as a writer. “She not only made the cut to become a Voices columnist, but of the 500 or so writers I’ve worked with in the program since it started (including adults and teachers) she’s one of the few who stands out.”

Megan’s stint as a regular columnist for the paper is almost over, but she plans on continuing to write for the Morning News when the idea for a perfect column strikes. She also hopes to publish a novel one day.

Until then, she’s busy looking forward to pursuing another passion–philosophy. She’s headed to the CTY Summer Programs site in Carlisle, Pa. this summer to take Existentialism–her third CTY philosophy course. She can’t wait.

“CTY introduced me to philosophy and it’s what I want to study in college,” she says. “Philosophy can be really frustrating but I love it.”