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Credit and Placement for CTY Courses

The challenging courses CTY provides can sometimes overlap or move beyond the curriculum a school offers during its academic year. Because CTY is accredited, schools have the opportunity to accept completed CTY coursework as a basis for student credit or placement.

Credit and placement basics 

  • Credit occurs when a school counts CTY coursework toward graduation or grade promotion requirements.
  • Placement occurs when a school allows a student to take a higher level class when similar material has already been mastered through CTY.

In both cases, appropriate credit or placement can help a student avoid repeating material already learned.

What this means for parents and schools
Since CTY is not a credit-granting institution, we encourage parents to meet with school administrators about three months prior to their child taking our courses. Using CTY's Summer and CTY Online Programs catalogs, schools can review our course content in the context of their own curricula, and consider the advantages of granting credit or placement. Schools may also request that students provide a CTY Official Academic Record after their coursework is completed. 

In general, CTY students have demonstrated success handling material significantly above grade level. They should do well in honors courses and programs. In classes using differentiated instruction, CTY students should be assigned to groups given above grade level readings and assignments. Independent study has also been used very successfully in some schools.

Want to find out more?

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