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Online Programs Working with Schools

Many public, private, independent, and charter schools work with Online Programs to expand opportunities for their academically gifted students by bringing CTY's challenging distance education courses to the school setting. This collaboration allows gifted students to take advanced courses in subjects such as math, science, writing, grammar, critical reading, Chinese, Arabic, and Spanish languages, and computer science. Online Programs students also may take advanced placement courses that may not be offered in the student's school.

Schools rely on CTY's exceptionally high standards for rigorous courses, teaching excellence, and student performance. In addition, the program offers special benefits to both schools and students:

Benefits for the schools

  • Supports curriculum differentiation within the school.
  • Eliminates the need to hire teachers for advanced or specialized classes with very small enrollments.
  • Provides a cost effective means to offer instructor-led advanced coursework to gifted students.
  • Relieves the school's teaching staff of the formidable task of meeting the needs of students of all levels in the same classroom.
  • Allows teachers more time to spend with students who need more help.

Benefits for the students

  • Provides challenging courses that meet the academic needs of academically gifted students.
  • Avoids the disruption of taking a bus to higher level schools for advanced classes.
  • Reduces the pressure to skip grades.
  • Allows students to progress at their own pace, guided by Online Programs instructors and using rich, engaging course materials.
  • Frees students from scheduling problems, allowing them to take appropriately challenging courses.

Online Programs students often work on their courses during the school day, using the computer lab or media center, communicating with their Online Programs instructors via email, interactive virtual classrooms, or by phone. Many challenging Online Programs courses are used to replace the school's regular course; other courses are offered for enrichment. View the Catalog for more details.

For more information, visit the School FAQs.


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