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Before Testing

After registering with the Talent Search, CTY can help you pick and complete the test that's right for your child in a few easy steps.

1. Read the detailed guidebook

Choose your version of "Before the Test" at the right. These guides contain detailed information about each of the tests.

2. Learn more about each test online

SCAT for Grades 2-8
STB for Grades 5-8
SAT and ACT for Grades 7-8

Join a live presentation and ask questions at a CTY testing webinar.

Find out where the test centers are:

3. Register to test

Register with the testing agency and pay the test fee.

Testing for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities can request the special accomodations they'll need to take any Talent Search test.


- Grades 2-6: See page 10 of Before the Test

- Grades 7-8: See page 18 of Before the Test



4. Test Day

Poor weather on test day?

For both the SAT and ACT, listen to the radio on the morning of the test. If the test center is closed it will be announced by the SAT or ACT Program or local testing center. If you were registered for the SAT or ACT, you will receive notice of a make-up. If you need further information, you can contact SAT or ACT.

If you registered for the SCAT or STB, and the center is open, you are expected to test; otherwise you will be considered a no-show and will be charged the same way you would be if you did not cancel two or more days in advance. If the center is closed due to weather, you may call and reschedule your test date.

Sick on test day?

SAT: If your child will be absent for any reason on the test day you’ve registered for, you can reschedule your test. You can find the details for SAT rescheduling or by calling 866-756-7346.

ACT: You can find details by calling 319-337-1270.

SCAT and STB: If the student is too ill to test, he/she should see a doctor and obtain a note documenting the illness. Fax this note to 443-751-4988, along with the following information: student’s name and illness, name of the test (SCAT or STB), date of test missed, parent’s name and daytime phone number. The parent should then call Prometric back at 800-688-5796 to reschedule without charge after two days, when the student’s documentation is approved and eligibility is re-set at Prometric.

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About the tests:

  • SCAT (grades 2-8)
  • SAT (grades 7-8)
  • ACT (grades 7-8)
  • STB (grades 5-8)

"Before the Test"

Booklets include test registration instructions and scheduling worksheets