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About the Tests

After registering with the Talent Search, CTY can help you select and register for the test that's right for your child

1. Read the detailed guidebook

Choose your version of "Before the Test" at the right. These guides contain detailed information about each of the tests and will help you determine which test(s) your child should take.

2. Learn more about each test online

SCAT for Grades 2-8 (locate SCAT test centers)
STB for Grades 5-8 (locate STB test centers)
SAT and ACT tests for Grades 7-8 (locate SAT test centers and ACT test centers)

Please read this important alert about the new SAT.

View sample test items and practice tests:

3. Register to test

Register with the testing agency and pay the test fee.

  • Information to register for the SAT and to register for the ACT.
  • To register for the SCAT (click on last tab "Register to Test")
    Use the SCAT Test Scheduling Worksheet (found in the Before the Test guides).
  • To register for the STB (click on last tab "Register to Test")
    Use the STB Test Scheduling Worksheet (found in the Before the Test guides).

NOTE: Testing for Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities can request the special accomodations they'll need to take any Talent Search test.

CTY has a Disability Services Website  that provides specific information about Testing Accommodations as well as Chart Comparing all Tests.


- Grades 2-6: See page 10 of Before the Test

- Grades 7-8: See page 18 of Before the Test




"Before the Test"

Booklets include test registration instructions and scheduling worksheets